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Love & Money Uncrossing - created because sometimes we get so caught up that one thing blocks the other and we need to clear the path towards our success. This uncrosses the energies we put out and allows us to receive love and money and relax into our own happiness. You know how when you are single it sometimes seems no one is even looking your way, and then when you are dating someone and taken, somehow everyone is flirting with you? It’s all about that law of attraction. This candle helps you get out of your own way, remembering to just relax and be yourself. That's when the good things start to flow your way! On Yellow (to incorporate the energy of the sun) for general success, on green for growth in both business and love (invoking the energy of Venus, for both love and luxury).

Love & Money Uncrossing Carved Spell Candle

  • Our custom carved spell candles will begin with our careful consideration of the information you provide in the comments when you purchase the candle. We want to hear about your situation that you need help with. We will contact you with further questions, if necessary or if we feel that a reading is necessary to better clarify your needs. Then we will research the appropriate ingredients to load the candle jar, the most benificial sygils to be carved and the oils we would need to create the overall spell. The candle willthen be prepared for you and shipped with complete instructions.

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