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Peace & Protection  - This is a most effetive candle when burned in times of stress and worry or when feeling threatened by something or someone. Traditionally carved on a blue candle to invoke the calm waters of serenity to wash over you, however it can also be made on white for clarity or yellow for a brighter energetic protective shield, or on black to absorb whatever might be sent your way. Brings peace of mind and clarity in times of duress when you might not be able to think clearly to know you will be ok. Works well when burned in conjunction with an Uncrossing candle.

Peace and Protection Carved Spell Candle

  • Our custom carved spell candles will begin with our careful consideration of the information you provide in the comments when you purchase the candle. We want to hear about your situation that you need help with. We will contact you with further questions, if necessary or if we feel that a reading is necessary to better clarify your needs. Then we will research the appropriate ingredients to load the candle jar, the most benificial sygils to be carved and the oils we would need to create the overall spell. The candle willthen be prepared for you and shipped with complete instructions.

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