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Herbs, Resins & Curios

Witch & Famous offers all of the things you might need to create your own magic!  I can help you procure the necessary ingredients for anything from incense blends, herbs and curios to load your candles and to add to your mojo curio bags as well as what to add to your magical baths and other spell work.  I offer an extensive list of dried herbs, animal and mineral curios and gum resins for your own use. I use the best ingredients I can find for my work and so I stand behind what I offer you here. Please be aware that prices and availability can change on a dime, depending on shipping and also world politics. 



I offer a complete selection of herbs for all magickal uses and applications at the best prices I can. I source from reputable and reliable vendors because I understand that a high quality ingredient makes for a superior end product. “Garbage in - garbage out” and I want to avoid that at all costs. Please review the list and if you are looking for something in particular, don’t hesitate to ask!


My selection of resins for incenses can be burned alone, combined or used as  ingredients in your own incense blends. For example, many old incense recipes from grimoires use resins like frankincense as their base.  Being the good Catholic altar boy I was, I also enjoy using good quality church incenses in my work so I offer some of my favourites to you here. 


Curios are anything of a curious nature that we use in our spellwork and magic. For example some common curios include Racoon Penis Bones, known more commpnly on root work as "Coon Dongs" as well as things like the classic lucky rabbits foot. But Curios also include minerals like Pyrite (Fools Gold) as well as magnetic Lodestones and the like. I will offer to you here some magically relevant curios as I have them available to me.

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