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Aquarius is the sign of the times, as we have now truly entered the Aquarian age. Though known as "the water bearer" it is ruled by the element of Air, meaning they understand emotions not in the feeling way but at a very mental level. We can see how our current world is rued by everything digital and things seem to be trasmitted on the airwaves instead of through very earthy, physical wires and switches. Aquarius is ruled by both Saturn (giving them intensity and seriousness) and Uranus (offering a dreamy , otherworldly quality) and present themselves as is a very cerebral sign. Aquarians are very much in their heads, they are great thinkers and dreamers, as well as very innovative in their approach to things. The energy of Aquarius can be invoked when we need to overcome our emotions to make inspired decisions when considering or confronting new things and how to best interpret them for a changing world. Notes of Benzoin, Cypress, and Lavender.

Aquarius Hand-Blended Incense

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