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Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, is all business. Capricorn rules structure and stability as well as plans and goals. Capricorns know business and have (or know how to get) the money to get things done. Capricorns, with their Saturnian seriousness, are the ones to seek out when needing to best understand a plan and path to success. Their steadfastness and commitment to their goals go hand in hand working towards their accomplushements. They are strict and they commit to seeing things through to completion. Their placement towards the end of the zodiac shows us how to bring things to a close, successfully. Burn Capricorn incense to align yourself with this energy, to find focus and strength when you might not usually have it. The drive of Capricorn inspires us with the ambition and self assurance to reach success in our endeavours. Notes of Vetivert, Cypress, Oakmoss. 

Capricorn Hand-Blended Incense

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