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Witch's Garden is an incense blend created by Matthew at the Autumn Equinox of 2000 as a hearth and altar incense to prepare for the dark of the year. It is formulated with all ofthe classic witch's herbs including small amounts of Belladonna, Aconite, Henbane and Datura.  It even includes some black cat hair along with varous herbs and resins to make for a deep a rich scent that enchants and creates a perfect environment for meditation, and creating sacred space. This was intended as a blend to take your work through the Hallowtide season, but it has become so popular that practitioners burn it year round. Be sure to try some today if you've never experienced it. We promise you'll be hooked! Soon to be offerd as a fragranced candle! 

Witch's Garden Hand-Blended Incense

1 Ounce
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