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Our 7-day novena candles pull out of their glass sleeve to allow you to carve and dress the candle to your specifications. These candles are made by Crusader Candle Company in Brooklyn, NY and are designed to burn continuously for the duration of your spellwork. Crusader's motto is "they burn better" and after burning these candles for over 30 years, I have to agree. As simple as they are, they do burn consistently well and evenly. Though we must always be smart about saftey when it comes to burning candles, these pull-outs from Crusader have never given me any problems or worries. Their price includes extra for shipping and handling, as they are indeed fragile and heavy and require extra packaging materials to ensure their safe arrival. I offer all the colors available.

Plain Pull Out Candle

SKU: 364215375135191
7 day Pull-out Candle
  • Made by Crusader Candle in Brooklyn New York, their motto is "they burn better", and they do!   Safe candle burning practices are of course always encouraged. 

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