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Saturn is the stern, restrictive, task-master of the universe and His symbols are the Scythe and the Hour Glass, as he is also known as Father Time. He is the father-figure who reminds us of the work we need to do to be successful in life, and he keeps us in line when we get a bit too distracted. Our Saturn Incense is a rich blend of herbs and resins that is pleasing to the God of riches and responsibilities. Burn Saturn incense on a Saturday when you need to better understand the tasks life has set before you. Saturn incense is also great when you are in a Saturn transit (Saturn Return, for example) and need to better understand what the work at hand is trying to show you. Once we understand that Saturn is there to help and not hinder us, we can appreciate what is being shown and the way becomes clear. Notes of Cypress, Patchouli, and Pine. 

Saturn Hand-Blended Incense

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