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Scorpio is one of the most intense and notorious signs, as they are ruled by both Pluto and Mars and represent Sex and Death - two of the most major occurences in the course of ones life. Their symbol is the scorpion which is known to firecly defend itself when threatened, with a venemous sting, so beware! It is no coincidence that Halloween, the celebration of Death occurs in the time of Scorpio, and that the only way the soul can recover from death is to be reborn and we can only do that through sex. Scorpios are very deep and highly secretive people. They love to keep an air of mystery about themselves and that is one way they keep you coing back for more, in adition to their incredible sex appeal. Burn Scorpio incense when seeking to align with your more primal self, when needing to keep or reveal secrets and when looking to spice things up in your romantic life, as well as for protection. Scorpios LOVE passionate romance and drama, but don't get on their bad side! Notes of Opoponax, Ambergris, and Clove.

Scorpio Hand-Blended Incense

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